Kerala Kalari Kurup Kalari Panicker Sangam , registered under Act-2 of 1088, is an association to promote goodwill and fellowship among its members of Kalari Kurup and Kalari Panicker. Our headquarter is situated in the heart of Thrissur City. Our Sangam office also started a Charitable Trust named Santhwanam Charitable Trust in 2012 for the goodwill of all members of Malayalee Kalari Kurup Kalari Panicker community living all over India with the objectives like

To promote educational of all types and grades among the people with a view to disseminate Scientific, Technical and Cultural knowledge and to raise the standard of life and health among all sections of the people

To institute and award scholarships and grant loans for study and research for deserving students.

Providing Medical aid to the poor and needy

To promote Sanskrit and Vedic Astrology

To serve the society and to maintain communal harmony and its unity.

Brief History